Wheelchair Seating Clinic

The Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic at The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis provides a variety of seating and mobility products for clients with disabilities. Assistive Technology Providers (ATP) and experienced therapists are available to assist people to make decisions about devices that best address their lifestyle and meet all the positioning and mobility needs.

Program Features

The Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic offers a number of specialized services and activities, including: • Postural/balance evaluation – The therapist and
Assistive Technology Suppliers (ATS) team evaluate the client's posture to identify postural supports and seating systems that the client requires for balance, improved posture, and ultimately, advanced function.
  • Pressure mapping evaluation – The Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis uses the X3 system by Xsensor®, one of the newest pressure mapping technologies available, to determine areas of high risk for skin breakdown and recommend seating equipment minimize and distribute pressure. The service can also be used to determine the effectiveness of existing equipment and to educate clients and caregivers on appropriate pressure relief techniques.
  • Mobility evaluation – A functional evaluation is initiated to determine the mobility device that might offer each person the greatest level of independence. Once the interdisciplinary team has determined that  a mobility device is necessary, it is critical to identify the most appropriate piece of equipment. Client trials of manual, power-assist and power wheelchairs, as needed, are encouraged and arranged between the treating therapist and the vendor. The therapist provides patient and family training on alternative drive controls and electronic systems.
  • Collaboration and assistive technology suppliers (ATS) – Throughout the evaluation, education, ordering process and delivery, the therapist works closely with an assistive technology supplier from a company of the client’s choice. The ATS assists with completing the home evaluation, providing demo equipment to the client for trials, and assisting with fitting and ordering the equipment. In conjunction with the treating therapist, the supplier follows the client throughout the entire process to delivery, ensuring the success of the equipment.


Consistent with professional bylaws, all patients must have a physician referral to be evaluated in the seating clinic. A physician's face-to-face evaluation is also required for patients under Medicare coverage. Our rehabilitative services are covered under most major health insurance plans, and we assist in determining a patient's durable medical equipment (DME) benefits.


For more information about the Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Clinic or to make a referral, please call 314 658-3950 or fax 1 866 309-0651.

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